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Low Technology Institute

Housing, Clothing, and Feeding Ourselves in a World After Fossil Fuels


We study and adapt pre- and nonindustrial construction techniques for sustainable buildings today and in the future.


Forget about today’s unsustainable clothing industry and learn to create clothing (and other personal items) locally and from scratch.


Without local, sustainable food, the future is bleak. We spend most of our time researching new and old ways to feed ourselves.


We carry out larger-scale research projects including solar hot water, beekeeping, and composting.

We carry out trials and experiments in our Low Tech R & D series.

We grew all our own food for a year — we called it Foodmageddon.

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We’re a member-supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We’re always looking for volunteers, donations, and underwriting partners.

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We offer classes and events that highlight our research and focus on skills needed in a locally resourced future.

Frost-Protected, Field-Stone Stub Foundation: Material Saving Hybrid

Our current building project is exploring how we can create a structure using local materials. We’re currently building the foundation and thinking a lot about how to create a firm, long-lasting platform on which we can build the rest of the structure while using as little time, effort, and materials as possible. Typical Foundation In…

Stone Foundations are Emissions Friendly

As part of our building project, we have designed a frost-protected stub foundation. This would be built conventionally out of concrete, but we have decided to make it out of fieldstone and mortar. Although we made this decision in order to source our materials from as close to the building site as possible (check out…

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