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Institute Membership and Underwriting

The Low Technology Institute will now offer memberships, which provide benefits to those who join and support for our work. We are also looking to partner with local businesses, organizations, and individuals to underwrite our programming.


Memberships start at $35 per year and come with plenty of perks, including discounts on workshops and events, free access to the tool and book libraries, and early access to publications and workshop signups. At higher levels, members will receive farm gifts, such as honey, or even an annual farm-to-table dinner. Check out the complete details on our membership page (also found under the “About Us” tab in the menu),


We are seeking the support of businesses, organizations, and individuals. Underwriters can sponsor a specific event, a workshop, a research project, or the general fund. Underwriters will be acknowledged in connection to their funding, of course. We accept both monetary and physical donations. Please see the underwriting section of the support us page.

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