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Podcast and/or Video Production and Editing for Local Sustainability Nonprofit

The Low Technology Institute, a 501(c)(3) research and education nonprofit, is seeking an intern looking for experience producing and editing podcast and video content. Our organization is focused on developing ways to make ourselves, our households, and our communities less dependent on fossil fuels through developing and teaching post-fossil-fuel skills and strategies.

This internship would be a chance for the successful applicant to showcase his/her skills learned in class and practice for later employers. Furthermore, our current videos and podcasts are done by staff and as the current production value is easy to improve upon, the person in this position will operate in a low-stress environment.

How this would work

The staff of the institute would generate content for videos and podcasts, which can be shared with the intern over the internet, allowing her/him to work from a convenient location. Or, if the intern would like to work with recording equipment (the institute’s equipment is basic and any access you have to more professional-level equipment is welcome), s/he is welcome to visit the institute on-site, about 30 minutes south of campus; a mileage stipend will be provided for these trips. Suggestions for content are welcome and this can be as much of a partnership as the successful applicant would like it to be.

Desired Qualifications

Benefits for the Successful Applicant

How to Apply

Send a letter of interest along with a resume to Be sure to include links to previous audio and/or video content you’ve created (if available), relevant work experience, and what interests you about working with us. You may also email with any questions prior to sending in your documents.

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