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Hiatus Post — Introducing the Hiatus Post

Each day we’re working to provide new content to the blog. We’re soliciting some exciting new essays from like-minded researchers across the globe. If you have an idea for a post you’d like to write, please get in contact with us at

Sometimes, though, we have to prioritize projects in the real world. When that happens, we’ll schedule a series of blog posts to come up during our absence. In many cases this will be a series of essays. Other times, it may be a repost of an article from somewhere else on the interwebs.

The institute will be on hiatus for this week but we’ll return next week with a fresh batch of posts and a podcast, all focused on the topic of meat. Until then, please enjoy excerpts from the recently published book Why Did Ancient Civilizations Fail? (available for purchase on Routledge and Amazon).

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