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How do you plan to thrive after fossil fuels?

Starting in 2017, the Low Technology Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has sought to answer that question by identifying household- and community-scale solutions for subsistence in the post-fossil-fuel world.

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Workshops: Check the events page for a list of our upcoming classes. Sign up soon, as space is usually limited. This summer we’re building a timber-frame structure from start to finish. Plenty of a la cart class possibilities.


DIY CSA: Do you like gardening? Do you want to learn more about growing your own food? Would you like taking home fresh produce each week from a CSA box? Consider joining us as we try a new model of cooperative gardening: the DIY CSA in our large organic garden.


Ten-Mile Building Challenge: Imagine twenty-five years into the future: we’ll have used up the rest of the accessible oil and cannot depend on fossil fuels for transport or production. If you want to build a house or other structure, you’d have to figure out how to build with what is near at hand.


Transition: The institute was founded on a chain of logic: our current way of life is dependent on fossil fuels, which are a finite resource, and therefore we should transition our lives as soon as possible to exist without them.


Thank you for visiting the website of the Low Technology Institute. We’re focused on identifying, researching, and adapting solutions to house, clothe, and feed ourselves when fossil fuels become a thing of the past. This may happen sooner or later, but when it does, you are welcome to use our free, publicly available transition rubric. Until then, please help us refine our solutions by testing them out for yourself and becoming a research collaborator by providing feedback and improvements.

We’re currently putting out a blog, podcast, and videos to highlight the work of the institute and others. We offer regular workshops and memberships. We’re looking for citizen scientists to partner with us on developing and testing our solutions. In the future, we hope to put out technical bulletins, but we are currently looking for submissions and volunteers.

Please read, listen, enjoy, and share.

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We offer all our work freely, but it takes resources to put everything together here for you. If you’re in a place to help us out, please consider supporting our research — and thanks!

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