We are always looking for citizen scientists and do-it-yourselfers to advance and test our research projects. Click the project titles for descriptions of the projects. Follow the “archive” link to find all of the posts related to this project. Once the project is complete, you will find an edition of the Bulletin summarizing our findings.

Research Project No. 1 — Solar Water Heating (archive)
Research Project No. 2 — Potato-Growing Methods (archive) USDA Funded
Research Project No. 3 — Mite-Tolerant Drone Colonies (archive) Blooming Prairie Foundation Funded
Research Project No. 4 — Three Sisters Companion Planting (archive)
Research Project No. 5 — The Institute Is Getting Solar Panels (archive)
Research Project No. 6 — Foodmageddon: Grow Your Own (archive)
Research Project No. 7 — Hot Box Compost (archive) USDA Funded

Low Tech R & D

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Please check out the following publications or archived material from the Low Technology Institute.

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