Low Tech Designs

This is the home for blueprints, designs, and instructions put out by the institute. These are free to use, modify, and distribute as long as attributions are maintained (CC-BY-SA). Please proceed carefully, as these projects often involve the use of sharp tools. They are provided for you free of charge but you assume all risks and liability by using them (that’s a fun legal disclaimer I’ve got to add; we endeavor to make our plans and instructions safe and trustworthy but cannot predict every eventuality). Of course we would be excited to see photos of your projects and hear your feedback regarding these designs. Enjoy!

Beehive Stand 1.0
Horizontal Hive 0.0
Layens Hive 0.0
Leopold Bench 1.0
Simple Coop 1.0
Trågkupa Hive 0.0
WalapiniDesign 1.0
Wooden Worm Bin 1.0