Panel Analyses, Part 2 — Lab Note 1.05

Monday I summarized the preliminary data gathered from the solar panel prototypes (see Part 1 here). In this note, I will look at each panel and discuss its strengths, weaknesses, and performance. Manifold Collector In the manifold collector, water enters the bottom and is distributed into risers connected to a sheet of metal. This collector … More Panel Analyses, Part 2 — Lab Note 1.05

Bee Report — Horizontal Langstroth Update

This spring I built a few horizontal Langstroth hives. These are more user friendly than the stacked boxes of Langstroth-style hives (these are the typical ones you see around the countryside), and I have new ones for sale. In June I installed three colonies in two hive bodies. These hives have space for winter insulation … More Bee Report — Horizontal Langstroth Update

Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence

This last weekend was the Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence, hosted at Troy Community Gardens on the north side of Madison. It brought together people from across the Midwest to discuss ideas related to sustainability through the lens of permaculture. Permaculture is an idea started by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren to create permanent, self-sustaining agriculture and … More Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence