Low Tech Podcast, No. 70 — More Low-Tech News

Low Tech Podcast, No. 70 – 05 May 2023

Low-Tech Perspective on the News of 2023


We’re looking at early 2023 news stories with a low-tech perspective on the events that shaped the world, plus some updates

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Song is:

Mathamatition” off of Will You Miss Me? by Holizna (Pub. Dom.)

Video Clips (Fair Use as Commentary):

“Starship test flight ends with explosion, Musk says SpaceX ‘learned a lot’ for next launch” – PBS Newshour
“Fury in France over Macron’s plan to raise the retirement age” – ABC News
“Biden shows solidarity with Ukraine in surprise visit ahead of invasion anniversary” – PBS Newshour
“An inside look at King Charles III’s efforts to create a more sustainable community” – ABC News

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