Low Tech Podcast, No. 69 — Tartarian Buildings?

Low Tech Podcast, No. 69 – 07 Apr 2023

Tartarian Buildings?


The idea of the Tartarian Empire is a conspiracy theory, but it gives us something to say about building longevity.

Inside the ‘Tartarian Empire,’ the QAnon of Architecture,” Bloomberg article by Zach Mortice (@zachmortice).

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Song is:

Robot Motivation” off of Diplomatic Immunity by The Polish Ambassador (CC-BY-NC-SA)

Ambient background song is:

Agape” off of Nyasa et Lilian by REW (CC-BY-NC)

Cover Image is:

Bau am Kölner Dom, 1855 (Construction of Cologne Cathedral) by Johannes Franciscus Michiels (pub. dom.).

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