Meet Phil the Groundhog

We’re in the process of moving into our permanent location and we’ll be limiting our posts to short entries. Please bear with us.

On the first day moving into the Longborne property, we spied a Groundhog (AKA Woodchuck), which we have dubbed “Phil” after the famous groundhog in Pennsylvania. As he is not posing a problem to our grounds or livestock, we’re going to let him continue to occupy his burrow. He was here before us, after all. … More Meet Phil the Groundhog

Hiatus Post — The Importance of Agriculture

The institute will be on hiatus for this week but we’ll return next week with a fresh batch of posts and podcast, all focused on the topic of meat. Until then, please enjoy excerpts from the recently published book Why Did Ancient Civilizations Fail? (available for purchase on Routledge and Amazon). Our civilization, like many … More Hiatus Post — The Importance of Agriculture

Hiatus Post — Introducing the Hiatus Post

Each day we’re working to provide new content to the blog. We’re soliciting some exciting new essays from like-minded researchers across the globe. If you have an idea for a post you’d like to write, please get in contact with us at Sometimes, though, we have to prioritize projects in the real world. When … More Hiatus Post — Introducing the Hiatus Post