Large Local Avian Neighbors

We’re in the process of moving into our permanent location and we’ll be limiting our posts to short entries. Please bear with us.

We’ve seen a few unusual avian neighbors since we moved in. The turkey is unsurprising, although “pip, pip, pip” it made woke everyone up early. Casey, our dog, was especially intrigued by the dog-sized bird in the yard. She gets along with our chickens enough that they can be in the same space unsupervised, but Casey was too curious about the turkey and the visitor had to take off, which is a pretty awkward process for a turkey.

Turkey in the driveway.

The second large bird was a little unexpected. I had been hearing a strange call in the distance all week and then the same morning the turkey showed up in our yard, four peahens wandered through. The birds clucked at each other as they passed. I suppose the turkey is more used to seeing peafowl than I am. I couldn’t get a picture of the grey peahens, but I did manage to get one of the peacock. Why he crossed the road is a matter for the humorists.

Peacock crossing the road.

I’ll try to get some pictures of the “garden” variety birds in our yard as well in the coming weeks.

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