100 Days/100 Hours of Gardening Challenge

Every year, growing some of your own food becomes more attractive. In 2020, the pandemic drove home-grown food to new recent highs. Although some new gardeners didn’t continue in 2021 as we came out of pandemic lock downs, with the recent rise in gas prices and on-going supply chain issues, it would be a surprise if gardening didn’t surge again in 2022. We are excited to announce our 100 Days/100 Hours of Gardening Challenge.

We are challenging every gardener to spend one hundred hours in their garden in the first hundred days of their season. We’ll be conducting this challenge primarily on Instagram, with profiles of participants, trends, and other topics also covered on our blog. In September, everyone who has participated in the challenge by posting at least semi-regularly over their hundred days will be entered in a raffle for prizes donated by sponsors.

How To Enter

It’s easy: post pictures on instagram (or facebook) with the hashtag #100days100hoursGardeningChallenge with pictures of your garden efforts. In your post, show what you’ve done, say something about it, and note the day and hour (e.g., “day 45/hour 52 of the #100days100hourgardeningchallenge“. We’re especially excited to see the process: how did you grow those great potatoes? what’s your weeding strategy? You don’t have to post every day (but we hope you do!); a minimum of ten posts over a hundred days are needed to be entered in the raffle, including posts on day 1 and day 100 (be sure to tag @LowTechInstitute on the first and last day to be sure we’ve got you down as a participant). Because some days it rains, and other days you spend more time in the garden, the goal is averaging an hour a day over a hundred days — the day and hour numbers don’t have to match exactly over the challenge.

Wait, This Is Free?

Yes! Free to enter, no cost to participate, and get entered to win for free! Our organization is 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission to get people thinking about transitioning away from fossil fuels. Food, and home-grown food especially, is at the center of this, so getting people gardening in a serious way is important to us. This does, however, require staff time to organize, promote, and — most importantly to participants — distribute the prizes. If you’re in a position to join the community of people supporting our work, please consider donating to us on our patreon page, where subscriptions start at $3/month and are tax deductible.

Sponsors and Prizes

We are currently accepting inquiries from potential sponsors. If your organization, company, or group would like to support this challenge with a donation that can be later raffled off to participants, please contact us at info@lowtechinstitute.org. We will list sponsors here by the end of April. Sponsors will be featured in on the blog and in social media posts, promoting the sponsor and their donated prize. We are glad to coordinate with your media and/or advertising departments for images and copy in these posts, if desired. Prizes can range from gift certificates to physical goods or even services. Some relationship to gardening, food, or plants is desired.

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