Future Energy Generation — Level IV

Solar radiation evaporates water and creates temperature differentials across the globe. This moves moisture and air over the Earth’s surface, resulting in wind, precipitation, and rivers. Wind power has been used by humans for thousands of years: pushing boats, turning windmills, and powering modern wind turbines. Hydroelectric dams are the dominant way that industrial societies use flowing water to generate electricity.
More Future Energy Generation — Level IV

Future Energy Generation — The Problem Isn’t Electricity

Electricity per se is not the problem. We are Luddites but only in the true sense of that word. In the early 1800s, when a group of English weavers destroyed mechanized looms, they were not protesting the industrial revolution, they were protesting the changing relationship between society and technology. We are not against electricity, we are against the way in which our society had decided to use this tool. … More Future Energy Generation — The Problem Isn’t Electricity