Future Energy Generation — Level IV

Solar radiation evaporates water and creates temperature differentials across the globe. This moves moisture and air over the Earth’s surface, resulting in wind, precipitation, and rivers. Wind power has been used by humans for thousands of years: pushing boats, turning windmills, and powering modern wind turbines. Hydroelectric dams are the dominant way that industrial societies use flowing water to generate electricity.
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Hiatus Post — The Importance of Agriculture

The institute will be on hiatus for this week but we’ll return next week with a fresh batch of posts and podcast, all focused on the topic of meat. Until then, please enjoy excerpts from the recently published book Why Did Ancient Civilizations Fail? (available for purchase on Routledge and Amazon). Our civilization, like many … More Hiatus Post — The Importance of Agriculture

An Ode To Apples

Okay, not really. I am no poet and this will not rhyme, but it will express my deep devotion and love for what is — objectively speaking — the best fruit. Apples to Oranges? You might question whether it is right to elevate apples above other fruits. The classic comparison is between apples and oranges, … More An Ode To Apples