Wood-Fired Bread Oven

In my spare time, I work at a local bistro (Grove East Provisions) where I bake bread in a wood-fired oven. This is a short promotional video I made. More posts on bread and brick ovens will follow! Baking Bread at Grove East Provisions from Low Technology Institute.

DIY Project — Apple Cider Fermentation

Before prohibition, cider was the most popular drink in America. Cider ferments when yeast eats sugar in the apple juice and excretes carbon dioxide and alcohol. Ingredients and Materials 1-gal. glass bottle*/† Airlock and one-hole stopper — either three piece or bubbler* Potassium metabisulfite* (optional sterilizer) Autosiphon* (optional) Four wine (700-ml) or eight pint-sized fliptop … More DIY Project — Apple Cider Fermentation