Egyptian Beekeeping Funding Proposal — 2017

Egyptian beekeeping likely predates their first mention in texts from the First Dynasty (2691–2625 BCE). Beekeeping is depicted in Egyptian art and written about in hieroglyphics. Honey, wax, and the bees themselves were important parts of the Egyptian economy. The honey was used for sacrifices and sweetening the foods of the upper classes. Wax was … More Egyptian Beekeeping Funding Proposal — 2017

Introducing the Bee Report — Fall 2016

We’re bullish on bees here at the Low Technology Institute. We plan to expand our existing hives to test ancient and ethnographic beekeeping methods in the coming seasons. We’ll offer regular reports on how these experiments are progressing complete with data, do-it-yourself instructions, and, yes, cautionary tales. Our first foray into ancient beekeeping techniques might … More Introducing the Bee Report — Fall 2016