News Roundup — Oct. 7, 2016

Low Tech News

Reykjavik Turns Off Street Lights To Turn Up The Northern Lights – NPR

Using Tree Bark Flours in Cooking – Walden Labs

Turf Houses in Iceland – Natural Building Blog

Sweden Proposes Tax Breaks for Repairs – NPR

Life on this Colorado farm is about more than plants – Grist

Here’s how to keep your sweaters lasting longer – Grist

Environmental News

Donald Trump Says Global Warming Is a Chinese Hoax, China Disagrees – Mother Jones

European Parliament Approves Paris Climate Agreement – NPR

UK Solar Beats Coal Over Half a Year – Resilience

Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital, is going carbon-neutral – Grist

Climate change could push risk of ‘megadrought’ to 99% in American southwest – CarbonBrief

New Research Zeroes In On Sources Of Methane-Emissions Uptick – NPR

Research News

Researchers Study Sugar’s Effect On Bees – NPR

Can We Preserve Seed Diversity For The Future? – TED

Here’s another source of greenhouse gases you should be worrying about: hydropower – Grist

For the first time, bees have been added to the U.S. endangered species list – Grist

Americans Are More Torn Over Climate Change Than Ever, Pew Poll Reveals – Vice: Motherboard

Turns out solar power is the only thing Americans can agree on – Grist

Bees Can Count to Four, Display Emotions, and Teach Each Other New Skills – Vice: Motherboard

Latinos in America Are Far More Likely Than the Average Citizen to Breathe Polluted Air – Mother Jones


Are We Headed Into Another Mass Extinction? – TED

What’s The Anthropocene? – TED

Canada’s Trudeau failed an environmental test in a big way – Grist

London in Banning Dangerous Trucks — and that’s great news for cyclists – Grist

A top climate scientist isn’t impressed with the world’s half-assed effort to save itself – Grist

No, Giant Farms Are Not Feeding the World. They’re Feeding Canada. – Mother Jones

Andrew W. K. on Bread – Vice

October hurricanes aren’t supposed to be this scary – Grist

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