News Roundup — Oct. 14, 2016

Low Tech News

We’re So Addicted to Our Gadgets That ‘Unplugged’ Tourism Is Booming – Vice: Motherboard

Growing a Jungle in a New York Apartment – Natural Building Blog

Earthbag Method is Ideal for Constructing Community Toilets in India – Natural Building Blog

Kites Could Soon Power an Entire Region of Scotland – Vice: Motherboard

Trace The Remarkable History Of The Humble Pencil – NPR

Emergency Straw Bale Shelters – Natural Building Blog

What’s the best way to deal with restaurant leftovers? – Grist

Environmental News

These Oil and Coal Companies Have the Worst Climate Change Records – Vice: Motherboard

Perdue Goes (Almost) Antibiotic-Free – NPR

U.S. Storage Filling Up with Unaccounted-For Oil – Resilience

Activists Shut Down All Tar Sands Pipelines Crossing US–Canada Border – Earth First!

Wildfires Aren’t Just for the West Anymore – Grist

Protests Disrupt Pipelines Across The West – NPR

Energy-related carbon emissions were way down in the first half of 2016 — but there’s a catch – Grist

Clinton would veto any attempt to overturn Clean Power Plan, according to her campaign chair – Grist

We Pay Billions For Greener Farms, So What Does That Buy Us? – NPR

Coffee And Climate Change: In Brazil, A Disaster Is Brewing – NPR

Research News

Backyard Chickens Linked to Record High in Salmonella Infections, CDC Says – NPR

Forest fires are getting bigger, and yep, it’s definitely our fault – Grist

Hurricane Sandy-sized floods up to 17 times more likely by 2100 – CarbonBrief

West Coast oysters are getting drilled by warmer oceans – Grist

Medieval cities not so different from modern European cities – Science Daily

As ice melts and seas rise, can endangered languages survive? – Grist

Climate Change Will Leave Snow Leopards With Just One-Third of Their Habitat – Vice: Motherboard

Killing Reindeer To Stop Anthrax Could Snuff Out A Nomadic Culture – NPR

The UK will have to use negative emissions to comply with the Paris Agreement on climate change, according to its official climate advisers – CarbonBrief


Local Food, Process, and Social Change – Savage Minds

Indigenous Groups Are Way Ahead Of Everyone Else At Protecting Forests – Mother Jones

Our newest American hero is the only person who’s asked about energy policy in the debates – Grist

The Renewable Energy and Waste Industries: 21st Century Confederates in Changing the Global Economy – Resilience

Apple’s Recycling Robt Wants Your Old iPhone. Don’t Give It to Him. – Grist

Here’s Why You Should Care About Energy Poverty – Grist

Seeing Earth from Space Is the Key to Saving Our Species from Itself – Vice: Motherboard

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Recall Is an Environmental Travesty – Vice: Motherboard

Saving the Planet, American Style — A Critical Review, and Some Thoughts and Ideas – Resilience

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