News Roundup — 21 Oct. 2016

Low Tech News

One Man’s Fight Against Poverty, by Making a Mansion Out of Mud – Natural Building Blog
Peruvian Farmers, Chefs Cash in on Guinea Pig Craze – NPR
This YouTube Survivalist Can Teach You to Skin Deer and Cook Rats – Grist
Homemade rhubarb varroa strips for bees – Walden Effect
Do solar power and energy efficiency go together like lox and cream cheese? – TreeHugger
DIY Solar Water Heater – Solar Thermal Copper Coil Water Heater – Natural Building Blog
Is synthetic yarn for the birds? – Grist
Cheap, Lean, and DIY Greenhouses – Natural Building Blog
6 Things You Need to Know about Cycling on the Sidewalk – NPR
UN recognises unique Australian farm built around Natural Sequence Farming as sustainable – Permaculture Power
Earth, Wood and Sun – Natural Building, Local Style – Natural Building Blog
Storing solar electricity as hot water: The Sunamp Heat Battery – TreeHugger
Tower garden system promises a low-maintenance indoor garden for 50 plants – TreeHugger
Glorious GIFs explain inscrutable Japanese joinery – TreeHugger
Little house in Norway is part of a bigger idea – TreeHugger

Environmental News

9 Common Mistakes Made When Recycling – TreeHugger
Florida Is About to Vote On Who Controls Its Solar Power – Vice: Motherboard
Greenland Is Very Mad About the Toxic Waste the US Left Buried Under Its Ice – Vice: Motherboard
Satirist writes obituary for the Great Barrier Reef. Internet takes him all too seriously – Grist
Tyson Foods invests in ‘bloody veggie burger’ company, Beyond Meat – TreeHugger
The Riverkeeper: Just a Florida Man Trying to Save Waterways From Toxic Algae – Vice: Motherboard
The Taste of Nostalgia: Vanishing Flavors from the Ancestral Japanese Village – Savage Minds
You Don’t Want to Know Where This Pig Poop Is Washing Up – Mother Jones

Research News

6 Vegetables that are Healthier Cooked than Raw – TreeHugger
In Fight Against Food Waste, Brits Find A Worthy Battlefield: The Home – NPR
Should I keep my laptop plugged in while I use it? – Grist
US carbon emissions from energy lowest in 25 years – TreeHugger
3 great new food trends that embrace sustainability – TreeHugger
The Quest for Solar Batteries, the Holy Grail of Clean Energy – Vice: Motherboard
Prototype uses solar energy to produce hydrogen and clean water from polluted water – TreeHugger
Climate Change has Turned Bolivia’s Glaciers into Time Bombs – Vice: Motherboard
Cut Down On Bee-Killing Pesticides? Ontario Finds It’s Easier Said Than Done – NPR


How disgust could lead to a cleaner, healthier world – TreeHugger
Soylent Is the Future of Food, if the Future of Food Means Constant Diarrhea – Mother Jones
Successful coworking spaces should be built like ‘intentional communities’ – TreeHugger
Deepwater Horizon and our emerging ‘normal’ catastrophes – Resilience
Review: The Art of Frugal Hedonism + Grown and Gathered – Milkwood
Here’s Why It’s so Important to Buy Recycled Products – Grist
Please don’t call my beloved canoe a ‘symbol of cultural appropriation’ – TreeHugger

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