DIY Project — Solar Oven, with Video

This week I’m sharing a recycled video from my stint at Deep Green Garden Co-Op. This is a homemade solar oven made of trash-picked mirrors. First the video, then a brief discussion.

Building A Parabolic Solar Oven from Low Technology Institute on Vimeo.

Wear gloves while working with glass.

Here’s a link to help you draw a parabola, the most technical part of the project.

A Few Updates

This was my first attempt. I would change a few things if I did it again. I’d make it weatherproof, so I wouldn’t have to drag it in and out of the house each time I wanted to use it. A bigger, lighter, rig would be nice, but I haven’t figured that out yet, as I am more comfortable working with wood. I’d work to make the surface a little more even, as some of the mirrors are not quite aligned and send the heat bouncing off the side of the pot instead of the bottom. I’d figure out how to attach the mirrors without some chemical glue.

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