News Roundup — Nov. 18, 2016

Low Tech News

In Conversation: Justice & Equity After Fossil Fuels – Resilience
Retrofitting the Suburbs for an Abundant DIY Future – Milkwood
What should you do with your food scraps? – Grist
Milk Kefir: breaker of chains, un-pasteurizer of milk – Milkwood
Off Grid Crockpot? – Natural Building Blog
Built on stilts: Brick house rises on on jacks during floods – TreeHugger
UN’s new recipe contest encourages people to cook more sustainably –  TreeHugger
Can a gorgeous award-winning Japanese wood stove be called green? – TreeHugger

Environmental News

Kids Win the Right to Sue the US Government Over Climate Change –  Vice: Motherboard
Why Ontario needs more forest fires – TreeHugger
Nicolas Sarkozy proposed a carbon tax on American-made goods if Trump pulls out of climate accord – Grist
Germany: An Update from Hambach – EarthFirst!
North Carolina has been hit by rare late-season wildfires – EarthFirst!
Trump’s Top Environmental Adviser Says Pesticides Aren’t Bad for You –  Mother Jones
Climate denier Barrasso to replace climate denier Inhofe as head of Senate environment committee – Grist

Research News

Video: Inside the Arctic Seed Vault Designed to Save Humanity From Extinction – Vice: Motherboard
Peru Keeps Thousands of Potato Seeds in an Earthquake-Proof Vault – Vice: Motherboard
City dwellers in Middle Ages no worse off than village dwellers – Science Daily
Widespread evidence of prehistoric dairying discovered along the Mediterranean coast –  Science Daily
We plowed up more wild habitat in the Great Plains than in the Brazilian Amazon in 2014 – Grist
USGS Announces Its Largest Oil And Gas Discovery Ever In The States – NPR
Climate Change Might Be Messing Up Volcanoes’ Planet-Cooling Powers – Vice: Motherboard


Let’s fight for the future we want – Grist
What Can Donald Trump Do to Screw Up the Planet? – Mother Jones
Donald Trump promises to revive the coal industry. He can’t – Grist
Why do people buy organic? – Grist
Can Tiny Homes Solve Homelessness In The U.S.? – Natural Building Blog
Key to the Leap: Leave the Oil in the Soil – Resilience
What’s better: New solar panels or old hydropower? – Grist


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