News Roundup — Nov. 25, 2016

Low Tech News

The remarkable history and healing power of honey – TreeHugger
Want to be a Micro-Farmer? 6 Tips for Success (and 6 Things Not to Do) – Tenth Acre Farm
The only things you need in your closet – TreeHugger
5 ways to cut down on Thanksgiving food waste – TreeHugger
Crows’ Hermitage, A Converted Stone Barn in Ireland – Natural Building Blog

Environmental News

The Marrakech climate talks still aren’t over, but here’s what’s gone down so far – Grist
No New Federal Oil And Gas Leases In The Arctic Ocean For The Next Five Years – NPR
West Virginia Just Sued a Major Coal Company for Fraud – Mother Jones

Research News

Why Your Next Chair May Be Made Out of Mushrooms – Vice: Motherboard
How You Can Stop Antibiotic Resistance (And Still Eat Bacon) – NPR
Sustaining life from the ground up: The benefits of healthy soil – TreeHugger
Early Farmers Kept Dairy Animals 9,000 Years Ago – Archaeology Magazine
Why Martian Settlers Will Eat Potatoes, Insects, Algae and Mushrooms – Vice: Motherboard


Obama could still permanently protect the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Here’s how – Grist

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