News Roundup — Dec. 2, 2016

Low Tech News

Canadian food bank opens first-ever aquaponics farm – TreeHugger
Live on a cliff, inside a mountain! This ultimate off the grid home is on the market – Natural Building Blog
Straw-bale 101: A tale of two homes – Natural Building Blog
Someone Built a Working Four-Bit Computer Out of Cardboard and Marbles – Vice: Motherboard
‘Swarm Electrification’ in Bangladesh Lets Neighbours Swap Solar Electricity – Vice: Motherboard
Technology Can’t Get Rid Of Your Cheap Used Clothes – Vice: Motherboard
Quite possibly the most appropriate (& beautiful) bike hanger yet – TreeHugger
Jane Jacobs was right: New ideas need old buildings – TreeHugger
Why the Office Needs a Typewriter Revolution – Low-Tech Magazine
10 luxe DIY gifts made from old sweaters – TreeHugger
Sheep Landscapers – TC Permaculture
7 alternative baking flours and how to use them – TreeHugger
1644 – The Independent Farmstead –  Permaculture Podcast
Strawmark Strawbale Homes Survive Another Major Earthquake in NZ – Natural Building Blog

Environmental News

How Mushrooms Could Help Replenish Forests After Clearcut Logging – Vice: Motherboard
The Periodic Table of iPhone Elements – Vice: Motherboard
Morocco aims for 100% renewable energy – TreeHugger
The Governor of North Dakota Has Ordered the Eviction of Thousands of Anti-Pipeline Protesters – Mother Jones
These Scientists Say the US Should Ban Offshore Arctic Drilling Forever – Vice: Motherboard
How Trump Can Dismantle 10 Years of Fossil Fuel Regulations in 100 Days – Vice: Motherboard
American Coal Is Dying, and There’s Nothing Donald Trump Can Do About It – Mother Jones
How 22 Hydroelectric Projects in Canada Put First Nations Communities at Risk – Vice
Minneapolis: Bank Doors and ATMs Glued Shut in Solidarity with Standing Rock – EarthFirst!
Why 2,300 Scientists Sent a Letter to the Trump Transition Team – Vice: Motherboard
Watch changes on the ol’ Blue Marble unfold in gorgeous, alarming satellite images – Grist
Canada Just Took a Big Step Toward Banning a Nasty Pesticide – Mother Jones
World’s largest solar power plant unveiled in India – TreeHugger
The EPA Will Begin Regulating These 10 Chemicals as Potentially Toxic – Vice: Motherboard

Research News

Who Invented Agriculture First? It Sure Wasn’t Humans – NPR
Battery made from a diamond and nuclear waste could last thousands of years – TreeHugger
Kale Is About To Have An Identity Crisis – NPR
Deforestation Of The Amazon Up 29 Percent From Last Year, Study Finds – NPR


Clean Energy Analyst: Renewables Are ‘Here To Stay’ Under Trump Presidency – NPR
Are coconut products bad for the environment? – Grist
Tiffany’s Fallacy: the Mineral Pie is Shrinking, and Most of What’s Left is in the Sky – Resilience
What’s the real reason behind America’s awful diet? – TreeHugger
What’s a greener way to heat my home? – Grist
Canada’s Latest Pipeline Could Drive Endangered Killer Whales to Extinction – Vice: Motherboard
Obama just missed a big chance to boost wind power – Grist
Trudeau’s Six Unanswered Questions on Kinder Morgan Expansion – Resilience
How economics are driving the Dakota Access Pipeline – Grist


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