News Roundup — Dec. 9, 2016

Low Tech News

London Mayor commits a billion bucks to cycling – TreeHugger
Making Head Cheese – Temperate Climate Permaculture
Living in a straw-bale house – Natural Building Blog
The Mongolian Yurt: A Beautiful & Low Cost Tiny House Alternative – Natural Building Blog
Natural Beekeeping: Dealing with Small Hive Beetle – Milkwood Permaculture Blog
Retro-modern Scottish tiny house is all about simple comforts – TreeHugger
Exploring a beautiful, 23-year-old food forest in New Zealand – TreeHugger
Get more mileage out of your Mason jars with these useful attachments – TreeHugger
When it comes to insulation, can you have too much of a good thing? – TreeHugger
The Rise of Community Energy – Resilience
The Long Drop is a lovely loo – TreeHugger
New Thoughts on Neolithic Staple Crops – Archaeology Magazine

Environmental News

Yet another country to phase out coal, and other good news… – TreeHugger
Canadian Pacific Railway Line Blocked in Solidarity with #NoDAPL – EarthFirst!
Donald Trump Finally Admits He Wants to Build the DAPL Pipeline – Mother Jones
The backstory on Standing Rock, the federal government, and tribal sovereignty – Grist
Hambach Forest, Germany: Two Spanish Comrades Arrested in Recent Actions – EarthFirst!
We have good news for tropical forests and people who like to breathe – Grist
Trump picks climate skeptic to lead EPA – Vice News
Trump Just Wrapped Up a Nice Double Gift to the Meat Industry – Mother Jones

Research News

Humans Have Been Causing Environmental Disasters for 7,000 Years – Vice: Motherboard
Industrial Pollution in the Ancient World – Archaeology Magazine
Secrets of the Paleo diet: Archeological discovery reveals plant-based menu of prehistoric humans – Science Daily
Cheap clothes are killing the planet, but you probably already knew that – Grist
Flame retardant pollution in Great Lakes is a serious matter, commission says – TreeHugger
New study says solar panels have repaid their fossil fuel debt – TreeHugger
Record low volume highlights exceptional year for Arctic sea ice – CarbonBrief


10 crazy facts about holiday waste – TreeHugger
Bill McKibben: Trump presidency “demands fierce resistance” – Grist
5 lessons activists can learn from Florida’s successful ballot fight to defend solar – Grist
Plug-and-play solar could be the next clean energy wave in the US – TreeHugger
Is boxed water actually eco-friendly? – Grist

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