Missing Our Podcast and DIY Posts?

We are half way through a move and anybody who has moved recently will remember how much time such a thing can consume. Unfortunately relocation has hard deadlines and the blog and podcasts have self-imposed ones. Things may be choppy here through the end of the year, but soon I’ll be able to devote my complete attention to the institute and its outputs.

One upside of the move is a hard look at the things accumulated when one lives in one place for a while, and this will be the topic of a post coming soon. We’re living in a sublet apartment as we look for the permanent home of the institute, and this has created some DIY challenges, such as what the heck do we do with our compost? I’ve also recently designed and built the prototype for a simple chicken coop that anyone can build at home. I’m giving away the plans and directions, of course, but also hope to run a workshop this spring to help folks build their own coops.

Thanks for sticking with us, and stay tuned for more posts and the return of the podcast in short order.

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