Low Tech Design — Simple Coop

This post introduces the “Low Tech Design” series. In short, this will be blueprints and instructions for building low tech products yourself. They are designed to be built by normal people with regular tools and skills. Obviously humanity is diverse and we can’t account for the variety of skill sets out there, but if you are daunted by the design, you almost certainly have a friend, neighbor, or family member who can help you learn the skills.

You can find the library of Low Tech Designs under the “Publications” tab.

This coop can be built in under eight hours (although the first time may take longer) with
simple tools and a minimum of materials (a single sheet of plywood and dimensional lumber). It is well sized for two birds but could house three. It can also be used as a basic plan for expansion. It can be customized with insulation, an electric hookup, or other features. The legs could be extended, a ramp added, and ventilation created for use in a warmer climate.

This plan is free to use, copy, and distribute as long as the following attribution is provided:
Low Tech Institute (lowtechinstitute@gmail.com, https://lowtechinstitute.org/) CC-BY-4.0 If you use this plan, we’d love to see a picture.

You can download a PDF of the instructions here, or scroll to view the JPGs below.




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