News Roundup — Dec. 30, 2016

Low Tech News

The Great Depression still haunts the American diet – TreeHugger
Zak’s Earthbag Hut in the Philippines – Natural Building Blog
The ‘No Shampoo’ movement is catching on – TreeHugger
Fatten Yourself with Cheese to Survive Winter – Vice
This Is Why Solar Windows Have Yet to Become Popular – Vice: Motherboard

Environmental News

Fake news is old news to climate scientists – Grist
Britain doesn’t have enough salad to go around – TreeHugger
Big Battles Over Farm And Food Policies May Be Brewing As Trump Era Begins – NPR
California’s Mild Snowfall Means the Drought Will Likely Continue – Vice: Motherboard

Research News

Despite Pledges To Cut Back, Farms Are Still Using Antibiotics – NPR
Two charts show how UK coal use is collapsing – Carbon Brief
Children are harmed by too much screen time, not enough outdoor play – TreeHugger
Ancient Wetland Garden Found in the Pacific Northwest – Archaeology


Can capitalism, conservation, and cosmopolitanism coexist? Here’s what I learned – Grist
Can we fight poverty without wrecking the climate? Grist’s food writer has a few ideas – Grist
What’s the greenest kind of drink container? – Grist
How sprawl was caused by the nuclear arms race, and why this matters more than ever today – TreeHugger

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