News Roundup – Jan. 6, 2017

Low Tech News

Foldable paper bike helmet for bike share riders wins James Dyson Award – TreeHugger
How to Determine If Solar Panels Make Sense for You – Vice: Motherboard
Aquaponics Answers, Cycling an aquaponics tank with pee, Aquaponic tank, Aquaponics preproduction – The Walden Effect
What Did Humans Eat 780,000 Years Ago? –
I grew up in a house that looked like a ‘hygge’ postcard. It was a lot of work. – TreeHugger
A Survival Guide To Colonial Cocktails (So You Don’t Die Drinking Them) –  NPR
There’s a trick to sustainable healthy eating – TreeHugger
Most businesses on urban streets make their money from pedestrians and cyclists – TreeHugger
There’s lots to learn from these small house plans from the ’60s – TreeHugger
8 reasons why running is the easiest exercise – TreeHugger
Designing Your Perennial Farm – Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard – Natural Building Blog

Environmental News

Standing Rock Protectors Unfurl Banner Over Field During NFL Game in MN –  Earth First! Newswire
2017 will likely get the “not-as-hot-as-last-year” award – Grist
We’ll Never See These Animals Again –  Mother Jones
2016 was a great year for wind and solar, even if nobody noticed –  Grist
Costa Rica got 98 percent of its electricity from renewables in 2016 – Grist
Michigan bans bans on plastic bags, takeout food containers, styrofoam cups and just about anything else – TreeHugger
NASA climate research won’t go down without a fight – Grist

Research News

Evolution of brain and tooth size were not linked in humans – Science Daily
Dirty kids are healthy kids – TreeHugger
Bringing back extinct species – continuing progress towards restoring the Aurochs – TreeHugger
Trees form friendships and remember their experiences – TreeHugger
19th-Century Potato Blight Analyzed – Archaeology
Staying Fit Isn’t A New Year’s Resolution For These Hunter-Gatherers – NPR
Drought doesn’t just mean less water — it also means more pollution – Grist
Man who lives alone in the woods has recorded 40 years of important data on snow – TreeHugger


The Trouble with Facebook Permaculture – Temperate Climate Permaculture
Clean energy: The challenge of achieving a ‘just transition’ for workers –  Carbon Brief
A snarky 1917 article was totally sure we’d be over coal by 2017 – Grist

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