News Roundup — Jan. 13, 2017

Low Tech News

Get paid to learn toward your permaculture design certificate – Walden Effect
Strawbale building online course -Natural Building Blog
Winter Chicken Care – Walden Effect
The Well of Heaven – The Carpentry Way
‘More Clay, Less Plastic’ movement replaces plastic kitchen tools with natural ones – TreeHugger
6 money-saving rules for limiting food waste when shopping – TreeHugger
Falcons, Drones, Data: A Winery Battles Climate Change – New York Times
Geodesic dome protects cob house & family of 6 in Arctic Circle – TreeHugger
Turns out community gardening might be pretty good rehab – Grist
A New Type Of Food Pantry Is Sprouting In Yards Across America – NPR

Environmental News

Dakota Access Pipeline Court Updates – Earth First! Newswire
Judge Sentences AIM Pipeline Protesters – Earth First! Newswire
The effort to protect environmental data from Trump – Grist
New York State will shut down its dangerously placed Indian Point nuclear plant – Grist
100 Percent of Dutch Electric Trains Now Run on Wind Energy – Vice: Motherboard
Iconic Sequoia ‘Tunnel Tree’ Brought Down By California Storm – NPR

Research News

52 Million-Year-Old Tomatillo Fossils Rewrite Veggie History – NPR
Methane impact on global climate change 25% greater than previously estimated – TreeHugger
Scientists Work To Bring Back Once-Thriving American Chestnut Tree – NPR
A Really Big Crack In An Antarctic Ice Shelf Just Got Bigger – NPR
California’s drought causes a lot more pain than brown lawns and empty swimming pools – Grist


More apps and devices won’t fix family isolation – TreeHugger

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