News Roundup — Feb. 3, 2017

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Low Tech News

Grafting Eggplant onto Devil Plant – Deep Green Permaculture
How We’re Living In Our Tiny Home Legally – Natural Building Blog
Society Exists Because of Beer – Mother Jones
DIY wood mold for BioSand water filter system is a low-tech clean water solution – TreeHugger
The Permaculture Food Forest – Plant Once- Harvest for a Lifetime. How It Works – Natural Building Blog
Food access is a big problem for many Native nations. Here’s how one community is fighting back – Grist
A Little Green Goes a Long Way: Plants Perfect for Your Office – Deep Green Permaculture
Primitive Pole Barn for $93 – Natural Building Blog
Tallest wood-framed building in the Netherlands wins a WAN award – TreeHugger
How do you teach kids to like vegetables? – TreeHugger
Walkable communities are making a comeback – TreeHugger
Desert Rain House gets Living Building Challenge Certification – TreeHugger
1704 – Place Based Education and IPEC – The Permaculture Podcast
The Three Best Decisions We’ve Made Homesteading – Natural Building Blog
The ‘Right to Repair’ Movement Is Being Led by Farmers – Motherboard
Create a cozy escape (and save on heating) with a grown-up blanket fort – TreeHugger
Don’t hunker in the bunker; learn how to do stuff that’s useful – TreeHugger
From Grasslands to Permaculture Food Forest Paradise in Noosa Australia – Natural Building Blog

Environmental News

‘A Nightmare Without An End’: Wildfires Burn Out Of Control In Chile – NPR
Sabotage in oil country – Vice News
Who installs more solar power? Republicans and Democrats are pretty much tied – Grist
The country’s biggest offshore wind farm is coming to Long Island – Grist
Giant wind turbine sets record for wind energy generated in 24 hours – TreeHugger
What to Make of Those Animal-Welfare Labels on Meat and Eggs – New York Times
Arrests and Anxiety at Standing Rock As Trump Pushes DAPL Ahead – Mother Jones
Sinking waterline: The water level at America’s largest reservoir is dangerously low – Vice

Research News

Ancient Indus civilization’s adaptation to climate change – Science Daily
Phasing out cookstoves a ‘win-win’ for climate and health, study shows – Carbon Brief
Sweating in a sauna may delay dementia – TreeHugger
Most people don’t care about ethical fashion – TreeHugger
Two charts show how fossil fuels could peak by 2020 – Carbon Brief
VIDEO: When Humans Got Cozy, Germs Got Deadly – NPR


End of the “Oilocene”: The Demise of the Global Oil Industry and of the Global Economic System as we know it – Festa
Why we need to pay more for chocolate – TreeHugger
What I Learned After Banning Screens From My Home for a Month – Vice: Motherboard

Disclaimer: The news stories and posts linked above are not meant as an endorsement of the information presented. They are provided as they may be of interest to our readers and further our aims of solutions for a post-fossil-fuel world. We strive to provide fact-based information. If you feel that political views are being presented in a partisan fashion, we are happy to provide equal time to opposing view points as long as they are derived from verifiable data and facts.

¹Opinion pieces represent the independent thought of their authors and may or may not represent the position of the Low Technology Institute.

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