News Roundup — Apr. 7, 2017

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Low Tech News

Build a zero waste emergency food kit – TreeHugger
An outdoor cooking group is a great way to spend time in nature – TreeHugger
Casa de Lodo Earthbag Dome in Hawaii – Natural Building Blog
15 ‘disposable’ items that you can reuse – TreeHugger
Why you should always choose a wooden cutting board – TreeHugger
Meet the fixer: This urban farmer grows in tight spaces – Grist
Uncovering the Plot to Kill Lettuce – Mother Jones: Bite
Natural Building: An Intro to Ecological Construction – Natural Building Blog
Local grain economies and enlightened bread making – Indie Farmer
[Episode #40] – Climate Science Part 2 – Taking Planetary Temperatures – Energy Transition Show
The couple who coaxed 300 acres of barren farmland back into lush forest – TreeHugger
We Don’t Need as Much Protein as We Think We Do – Motherboard
Healthy soil is the real key to feeding the world – The Conversation
Home cooks should lead the fight against food waste – TreeHugger

Environmental News

Peru’s farmers are in crisis as thousands of international patents claim rights to native plants – Vice News
Atlantic Coast Pipeline Protestors Shut Down FERC Chair’s Lecture at Duke University – Earth First!
Your favorite climate doc is getting a sequel because, it turns out, we couldn’t handle the truth – Grist
China Poised To Fill Leadership Void On Climate Policy – With Economic Incentives – NPR
A massive coal mining project was scrapped in Alaska after no one would invest in it – Vice News
Cherry blossoms are just one more sign our planet is out of whack – Grist

Research News

I Travelled to the Arctic to Plunge a Probe Into the Melting Permafrost – Vice
CapGlobalCarbon and basic income: How could climate action be coupled to economic empowerment? – Cap Global Carbon
Yes, we can do ‘sound’ climate science even though it’s projecting the future – The Conversation
Analysis: Just four years left of the 1.5C carbon budget – Carbon Brief


We Are All This Polar Bear, Praying for an End to This Madness – Vice
To Curb Global Warming, Science Fiction May Become Fact – New York Times
How World War I ushered in the century of oil – The Conversation

Disclaimer: The news stories and posts linked above are not meant as an endorsement of the information presented. They are provided as they may be of interest to our readers and further our aims of solutions for a post-fossil-fuel world. We strive to provide fact-based information. If you feel that political views are being presented in a partisan fashion, we are happy to provide equal time to opposing view points as long as they are derived from verifiable data and facts.

¹Opinion pieces represent the independent thought of their authors and may or may not represent the position of the Low Technology Institute.

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