Permaculture Convergence — Madison, WI, Aug. 4-6

This year’s Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence is coming up August 4–6 at Troy Gardens in Madison. This event brings together people with an unusually wide diversity of skills to share in workshops over this weekend event.

Dozens of sessions are already listed, many of which align with the mission of the Low Technology Institute’s core principles: recycling cars into solar panels, DIY biogas, rearing poultry, fermentation, and composting.

In addition, institute staff will be running a workshop on solar heating. This will be the first time we’re presenting on it, and over the next few weeks we’ll be chronicling our build and experiments.

The weekend promises to be a good one if you’re able to make it to Madison. The price is right: a sliding scale from $75-175. Find registration information here.

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