Share Your Skills and Earn a Little on the Side

We offer workshops at the Low Technology Institute and we’re looking for instructors. Do you have a traditional or technical skill you’d like to share with the community? We’re fairly broad minded and open to the type of skills that could be taught here, from food preservation and propagation to construction and woodworking. We’re especially keen on DIY and human-scale solutions to sustainability problems. If you have the experience, we’d love to organize and host a course with you.

Examples of types of workshops we’d be interested in hosting include, but are not limited to: brewing, yogurt making, chicken husbandry, coop building, beekeeping, butchery, microwind power, fiber arts, composting, vermiculture, bicycle repair, woodworking, rocket mass heater stoves, water storage, milling, saving seeds, grafting, pruning, rain gardens, and anything related to permaculture.

How it Works

You send us an email at with your name, contact info, a 2–4 sentence description of the course, your qualifications, some possible dates, and suggested price. Also please note what type of facilities you’d need on hand (e.g., work benches, chairs, outdoor space, and audio/visual set ups). Once we’ve got the details hammered out, the institute staff will promote the workshop on local social networks, take reservations and fees, and get everything set up for the course. You come out, teach the course, and head home with 75 percent of the registration fees after covering direct supply costs. For example, if you teach a class on tying flies for fishing and the fee is $20 per person, which includes $5 worth of tying supplies, you’d head home with $11.25 per attendee: ($20 – $5) × 0.75 = $11.75. If you buy the supplies, you get reimbursed, of course. We offer discounted registration fees to our members, but that comes out of our 25 percent. Part of that portion also goes to pay our insurance.

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