Low- and High-Tech Areal Views

Our neighbor Chris Beebe stopped by this weekend with his drone and took a few pictures of the institute grounds from the air. Right now is a great time to do this because we are half way through our roofing project and this gives us a snapshot in time. What is most compelling, though, is the fact that Chris has completed an ambitious project to create reconstruction drawings of every house in the village from a southeast vantage point. He’s given me permission to publish his drawing of the Longbourne House, built in 1855 and the current home of the institute.

The Longbourne House (ca. 1855), by Chris Beebe.

Much has changed since the time the house was built: the rear kitchen was pulled off and turned into a garage and a new addition was built in the 1970s.

Rear view of the house with a 1970s addition (courtesy of C. Beebe).

The garage’s roof is done and this bird’s-eye view shows the chicken yard and overgrown garden area.

Bird’s-eye view of the garage with chicken yard below the garage and garden space to the left (courtesy of C. Beebe).

The final shot shows the front of the house with its recently completed roof. If you look closely, you can see Chris and Scott standing in the garage door.

View of the front of the house (courtesy of C. Beebe).

We hope to have a drone fly over of the grounds next year, when our attentions turn to the garden.

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