Views of the Eclipse at the Institute

Cooksvillians gathered on the commons to view the partial eclipse.

We gathered with some fellow Cooksvillians at the commons across from the institute to view the partial eclipse here yesterday afternoon. It was cloudy until the time of maximum coverage, around 1:15 p.m. Just then, the clouds started to clear. They were thick enough to give the partially eclipsed sun coverage for us to see with the naked eye for a minute. I was able to get a quick picture before the clouds cleared and it got too bright.

View of the partial eclipse through the clouds.

At the time of the eclipse, it got noticeably darker, but nothing like the places that experienced totality. We did lose 8°F over the half hour of significant eclipse.

View of the institute under the eclipse.

We had three types of safe viewers on hand. Below are pictures of each type: welding glass, pinhole projector, and binocular projector.

Welding glass.
Pinhole projector.
Binocular projector.

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