Introducing the Low Tech Tool Library

axandsawThis spring we will be opening the Low Tech Tool Library. Much like a book library, a tool library allows users to check out tools for free. This is a great use of seldom-used tools. If you’ve done much home improvement, you’ve probably bought tools that get used and then stored away. Tools are built to be used, not stored, and sharing them within a community is one way to use our existing resources efficiently.

20170829_145158You can head on over to the tool library page to see the full details, but here’s a quick summary. Institute and community members can borrow tools for free, although a few items have a nominal fee for maintenance costs (e.g., 25¢/day for a circular saw to replace the blade). Folks can reserve tools through our form. Most tools can be taken out for a week after which a nominal late fee is charged. And that’s pretty much it.

Fundraising and Tool Collecting

Cut with the axe.

Effective immediately, we’ll be collecting tool and fund donations. One side of our garage will be turned into a large tool wall with storage containers on shelves. The funds will be used to build this infrastructure. We hope that the bulk of the tools will be donated from community and institute members. Even if we already have one particular tool, we can upgrade or sell duplicate donations, with the funds going to help maintain the library. Operating costs will include new blades, oil, and sharpening equipment.

NailDetailIf you’re in the area and have tools that have not been used in a while, please consider donating them to the library. As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we can provide you with a tax-deduction receipt for your generosity. We’re also accepting funds and will be starting an IndieGoGo campaign in the next week or so. If you can’t wait, head over to our store and donate now. Any donation of $50.00 or over will come with a free, one-year membership to the institute. Donating $100 or more will get your name included on the wall and website as a major contributor to this project as well as a free one-year membership.

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