News Roundup — March 9, 2018

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Low Tech News

In The Recycling World, Why Are Some Cartons Such A Problem? : The Salt : NPR
In Munich, putting people before cars makes transit work so much better : TreeHugger
The politics of pigswill – or how we can help feed the world by feeding waste to pigs
Kansas farmers tried cutting water use, and guess what? They saved money. | Grist
6 foods you can rescue from the brink of the compost bin : TreeHugger
[Episode #64] – Ask Eric | The Energy Transition Show
A ‘Floating Fillet’: Rice Farmers Grow Bugs To Replenish California’s Salmon : The Salt : NPR
Foraging Chaga
Swale Paths for Permaculture Gardens | Natural Building Blog
Cricket powder now sold in Canadian supermarkets : TreeHugger
Why is car-crazy Germany so much safer than the USA for pedestrians and cyclists? : TreeHugger
Greenpeace wants us to eat 50% less meat and dairy by 2050 : TreeHugger
Restoring Mayberry: Buried
Could you wear 6 items of clothing for 6 weeks? : TreeHugger

Environmental News

Spooked by Quakes, Oklahoma Toughens Fracking Rules – Resilience
The last-ditch effort to save the world’s forests from climate change | Grist
America’s Oil Boom Is Fueled By A Tech Boom : NPR
The Final Straw Radio: Tree-Sitting to Stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline | Earth First! Newswire
Tough Talk As Oklahoma’s Wind Industry Becomes A Political Target : NPR

Research News

America’s Oil Boom Is Fueled By A Tech Boom : NPR
Forests Protect the Climate. A Future With More Storms Would Mean Trouble. – The New York Times
The Best Weapon Against Norovirus: Is It Quarantines, Bleach Or Hand-Washing? : Goats and Soda : NPR
Climate change made Hurricane Harvey wetter. Here’s how we know. | Grist
Why Won’t The Old Caveman Stereotypes For Neanderthals Die? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR


Pathways to Deep Decarbonization – Resilience
A small yet profound piece of wisdom to keep minimalism on track : TreeHugger
SUVs are taking over the world : TreeHugger
The World Is Embracing S.U.V.s. That’s Bad News for the Climate. – The New York Times
For tech giants, a cautionary tale from 19th century railroads on the limits of competition
The Great Change: Carbon Cool

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