News Roundup — April 13, 2018

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Low Tech News

Engineers tried to tame the Mississippi River. They only made flooding worse. | Grist
Meltdowns, waste, and war: Here are the real risks of nuclear | Grist
From Trash To Treasure: Amazing School Bus Conversion Using All Reclaimed Materials | Natural Building Blog
Vegetable Garden Design Ideas | Natural Building Blog

Michael Judd’s Round Straw Bale House | Natural Building Blog

My favorite secret-weapon ingredients for plant-based cooking | TreeHugger

A look at New York City before the cars totally took over | TreeHugger

Instead of whining about people who walk and bike breaking the law, how about fixing the problem? | TreeHugger

Restoring Mayberry: Spring

1810: The Suburban Micro-Farm: Designing for Neighbors and Small Spaces | The Permaculture Podcast

More Results of Rotational Grazing at the Bauernhof | Temperate Climate Permaculture

Dark Kitchen: Mycelium Connecting | The Dark Mountain Project

Pure Hop-iness – The Permaculture Research Institute

Review: Energy Return on Investment by Charles A. S. Hall – Resilience

What will we do with those millions of tons of solar panels when their useful life is over? | Ensia

Environmental News

Gigantic water tunnels won’t save Houston from the next Harvey | Grist
‘Day Zero’ isn’t just Cape Town’s problem. It’s a global phenomenon. | Grist
Company halts controversial Canadian pipeline expansion after fierce opposition. | Grist
Another Place Plastics Are Turning Up: Organic Fertilizer From Food Waste : The Salt : NPR
The Senate Just Confirmed the Coal Lobbyist Who Could Replace Scott Pruitt – Mother Jones

Canadians demand nation-wide strategy on plastic pollution | TreeHugger

Kinder Morgan Suspends Work on Trans Mountain Pipeline Amid BC Opposition | Earth First! Newswire

ZAD Battles Thousands of Police During Attempted Eviction of Autonomous Zone in France | Earth First! Newswire

ZAD Battles Thousands of Police During Attempted Eviction of Autonomous Zone in France | Earth First! Newswire

64 Pounds of Trash Killed a Sperm Whale in Spain, Scientists Say – The New York Times

Research News

Atlantic ‘conveyor belt’ has slowed by 15% since mid-20th century | Carbon Brief
World can limit global warming to 1.5C ‘without BECCS’ | Carbon Brief

Marine heatwaves have become ‘34% more likely’ over past century | Carbon Brief

Analysis: How much ‘carbon budget’ is left to limit global warming to 1.5C? | Carbon Brief

Most Americans think climate change has a place in education. | Grist

Swiss kids spend more time playing outside than using phones | TreeHugger

All by Itself, the Humble Sweet Potato Colonized the World – The New York Times
Threatened: A Green-Haired Turtle That Can Breathe Through Its Genitals – The New York Times
Plants are great at storing CO2. Can we make them even better? | Ensia
Why Antarctica’s Prehistoric Forests Might Foreshadow Its Future – Mother Jones


The real fear behind climate conspiracy theories | Grist
CAFE OLÉ: Auto Emission Standards and More (Part 1) – Civil Notion

CAFE OLÉ: Auto Emission Standards and More (Part 2) – Civil Notion

The Great Change: First they locked up the Knowledge

Climate change – is it now time for extreme measures?

What is wrong with a system of laissez-faire economics?

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