News Roundup — May 11, 2018

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Low Tech News

The fight for Europe’s last wild rivers 
Read this slowly – it could save your life
How I Built a Pallet Greenhouse with a Rain Gutter Grow System | Natural Building Blog
12 groups of companion plants to make your vegetable garden thrive | TreeHugger

We’re running out of wilderness | TreeHugger

1813 – Theory U and the Emerging Future with Dr. Otto Scharmer | The Permaculture Podcast

Dark Mountain: Issue 13 – Bearing Witness to a Disappearing World | The Dark Mountain Project

The EPA says burning wood to generate power is ‘carbon-neutral.’ Is that true?

How the growing “One Water” movement is not only helping the environment but also saving millions of dollars | Ensia

Environmental News

California Just Became the First State to Require Solar Panels on New Residential Construction – Mother Jones
Rich Nations Aren’t Following Through on Their Paris Climate Pledges – Mother Jones

Paid actors faked public support for a power plant in New Orleans | Grist

Going green is harder for Detroit’s low-income communities | Grist

The tiny country of Fiji has a big plan to fight climate change | Grist

Making a cleaner, greener, environmentally safe sunscreen

Politics versus the Future: Canada’s Orwellian Energy Standoff – Resilience

Nine Uncomfortable Canadian Energy Facts – Resilience

Research News

Tourism responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, study finds | Carbon Brief
As the U.S. turns its back, poor countries can expect more volatile temperature swings | Grist


FEASTA Turns 20: food policy, sustainability, and basic income – a U.S. perspective | Feasta
Is Defra missing the chance to integrate food, the environment and farmer livelihoods? – Indie Farmer

Where are We Going? – Resilience

Puerto Rico: Deciding Its Energy Future – Resilience

Green building isn’t enough; we need green zoning. | TreeHugger

The Great Change: Straw Wars
Restoring Mayberry: Community-Supported Agriculture
Resource Insights: Information overload, sustainability, and the emerging organization


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