News Roundup — June 22, 2018

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Low Tech News

Why lentils may be the next big superfood | TreeHugger
The cockerel conundrum: Nobody wants a rooster | TreeHugger

First Community Food Forest in the City of Melbourne – The Permaculture Research Institute
The Attitude of Vegetable Gardening in Slovenia is an Inspiration | Natural Building Blog
Trying to find that elusive farm-life balance – Indie Farmer

Restoring Mayberry: What science fiction ought to be

1819 – ReGen18 – What is Regenerative Business? with Kevin Jones | The Permaculture Podcast

1820 – The Soil Food Web with Dr. Elaine Ingham | The Permaculture Podcast

Environmental News

Minnesota: Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Opposes Line 3 | Earth First! Newswire
More wildlife work the night shift to avoid humans

How $6 Trillion of Fossil Fuel Investments Got Dumped Thanks to Green Campaigners – Resilience

Research News

Our clothes are contaminating our planet with tiny plastic threads | Ensia
How an Ancient Extinction Foreshadowed the Planet’s Future – Mother Jones

As Carbon Dioxide Levels Rise, Major Crops Are Losing Nutrients : The Salt : NPR

Climate change to become ‘greatest pressure on biodiversity’ by 2070 | Carbon Brief

Explainer: How scientists estimate climate sensitivity

Land uplift ‘could prevent’ collapse of West Antarctic ice sheet
Our Energy Challenge in 6 Eye-Popping Charts – Resilience


What if the U.S. eliminated its Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards? | Ensia
The tales of history are a dead-end road | Feasta

The Great Change: The people in range of secret frequencies

Resource Insights: Leaked U.N. climate change report shows inverted thinking on growth

It’s time for a new approach to travel

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