News Roundup — July 13, 2018

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Low Tech News

How To Motivate Kids To Learn About Permaculture – The Permaculture Research Institute
Different Methods for Propagating Fruit Trees from Cuttings, Etc. – The Permaculture Research Institute
[Episode #72] – The Future of Solar | The Energy Transition Show

This idea helped rescue a city of 3.8 million from a water crisis | Ensia

Citrus Nutrient Deficiency Yellow Leaf with Green Veins | Deep Green Permaculture

An Indian State Bans Plastic Bags, Straws And More To Cut Down On Plastic Trash : Goats and Soda : NPR

Roswag Seiler and Pakistani Locals Hand-build a School from Cob, Bamboo and Mud | Natural Building Blog

How a hot city can keep its cool | Grist

These Indigenous Tribes in Nevada Are Embracing Bikeshare – Motherboard

Crowdfunding campaign launched for ‘wonky’ vegetable deliveries | TreeHugger

A brief history of lettuce, America’s first fresh vegetable | TreeHugger

The real spin on keeping cool with ceiling fans | TreeHugger

Edible, plastic-free packaging is created with fermentation, like kombucha (Video) | TreeHugger

Sheffield tree protectors have changed the nation’s view of street trees

[Episode #73] – Regulatory Capture | The Energy Transition Show

1823 – The Art of Craft Distilling with Victoria Redhed Miller | The Permaculture Podcast

Environmental News

California’s carbon emissions are back to ’90s levels. It can be done, people! | Grist
Hold on to your snowballs: More Americans accept the reality of climate change than ever before | Grist

Ohio: Post-Rondy Action Shuts Down Street to Stop ICE | Earth First! Newswire

Canada: Fishing Boats Converge on Nova Scotia Harbour as Part of Effluent Pipe Protest | Earth First! Newswire

Research News

In-depth: UK can go low-carbon ‘at no extra cost’, say infrastructure advisors
Permafrost and wetland emissions could cut 1.5C carbon budget ‘by five years’

A New Look At An Old Way To Store Energy : NPR

Clean Energy Investment ‘Must Be 50% Higher’ to Limit Warming to 1.5C – Resilience

This Meteorologist Explains Why the Extreme Heat Is Way Worse Than You Think – Mother Jones

Warmer weather could fuel more toxic algae blooms | Grist

Why is the world’s population growing faster than expected? | TreeHugger

It’s Not Your Imagination, the Middle of a City Is Hotter Than Anywhere Else – Mother Jones


Starbucks Banning Straws Won’t Clean Up the Ocean, but It’s Still a Big Deal – Mother Jones
There Are a Few Things Environmentalists Actually Do Agree On – Mother Jones

Empty by Suzanne Weyn (a Peak Oil Novel for Young Readers) – Resilience

The Great Change: You Can’t Stop A Wave But You Can Surf-1

A long fuse: ‘The Population Bomb’ is still ticking 50 years after its publication

7.5 billion and counting: How many humans can the Earth support?

Trump’s coal bailout would mean more pollution — and more deaths | Grist

‘Being the Change: A New Kind of Climate Documentary’ (review) | TreeHugger

Towards a ‘green wave’ – is our social system about to enter an ecological phase?

The magnitude of the planetary crisis requires action of a similar size, from @FoEint

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