New Video: No. 14 — Bees Wraps

Wraps in use over a bowl, half a sweet potato, and an open can.

We’ve been making reusable wax-coated pieces of fabric to replace cling wrap and tinfoil in our kitchen. This reduces plastic waste and is a fun, easy project to do on a rainy day.

These wraps are simply squares of cotton fabric covered with 15 g beeswax, 11 g pine resin, and 2 g jojoba oil for each square foot. The coating is heated in a double boiler till liquid and then spread on the fabric, which is then heated in the oven at the lowest setting to help the liquid permeate fully. The fabric should be cut with a pinking shears to reduce fraying. Make sizes to cover cans or bowls. Make a larger one to wrap sandwiches.

Cleanup is easy: scrub lightly in cold water. Avoid soft cheeses and meats, because it is hard to clean these out with the cold cleaning temperature. After about a year, they can be recharged by recoating with about half of the liquid originally used.

Enjoy and send in pictures!

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3 thoughts on “New Video: No. 14 — Bees Wraps

  1. Here are mine! After research, I decided to use straight beeswax. They’re not as sticky as I might like them but, my idea is to put them on „warm“ so they form and seal better.
    Happy crafting!!

    1. Glad you tried them! Our first try also had just beeswax and yeah, they didn’t have the cling that you get with resin, but either way, they’re a fun thing to make. Thanks for sharing.

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