The Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 1: Vermicompost

FrontSince the beginning of the institute, we’ve been planning to publish a series of short, technical pamphlets, each on a different subject. Over the last few weeks, you may have noticed a series of posts on Vermicompost. We recently presented about worm composting at the Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence and will be tabling with our worms at the Silverwood Park Fall Harvest Festival (12 Oct.). We brought these posts together into a single document, the first edition of The Bulletin of the Low Technology Institute, which is now available online for free. The Bulletin is published under a Creative Commons license and is free to distribute, use, or modify, as long as credit is given to original authors.

The Bulletin is meant to be a periodic publication of the institute and we’re excited to collaborate with coauthors or even edit an edition written entirely by someone else. If you have interest in working with us on the next Bulletin, please be in touch. Examples of topics the Bulletin might cover include mushroom cultivation, plant fertilizers, irrigation systems, aquaponics, alcohol fermentation, cheese making, greenhouse construction, energy conservation, wood joinery, thatch, tree pruning, and capturing honeybee swarms; any nonindustrial technical skill will be considered.

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