We’re Expanding our Bee Research. Join us!

BeeDrawingsThe Low Technology Institute is expanding its focus on honeybee research. In the next months, you’ll see blog posts describing the on-going and upcoming projects we are carrying out. Subscribe to our blog below to make sure you never miss a post.

Varroa-Mite Tolerant Bee Breeding

We’re selectively breeding isolated bee colonies in order to live with mites without using chemical treatments. Find out about our study hives, read a grant proposal for the pilot project, and stay tuned for more announcements and information about this project in the coming year.

Self-Sustaining Bee Yards

FrameOfBeesThe biggest problem beekeepers have is keeping up their bee populations in the face of disease, pesticide use, and other challenges. The usual answer is to buy new bees each spring to replace the hives that died over the winter, but it is possible to make one’s own self-sustaining bee yard. Over the next months, we’ll be putting together a short manual to walk even beginning beekeepers through the process, step by step (see last year’s guide to worm composting). It will come out in serial fashion on the blog first, so subscribe below.

More Bee Research

We’ll be working to test out other solutions for difficulties facing beekeepers and bees alike. If you have a suggestion or problem, let us know by sending us an email. We’re always interested in working with citizen scientists, too.

Support Bee Research

We use grant funds and volunteer time to run our research program, but you can help us spend less time searching for support by donating directly! Simply follow the link below and add a note at checkout that your tax-deductible donation is for bee research — and thanks!

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