Strike! Today is the Global Climate Strike

It is inspiring to hear people across the world talk about their worries and hopes for the future. The movement should not be discounted because it is spearheaded by people often too young to vote. Indeed they have the most to lose, as those of us making decisions today will have passed away when the effects of those choices come to fruition.

I was worried about climate change when I was young (I ran and lost the fifth grade class presidency on a recycling platform) and everything I’ve learned about earth sciences, paleoclimate studies, and human (mal)adaptation to the environment since then has only strengthened my sense of worry. Out of that concern grew the Low Technology Institute.

As a nonprofit, we cannot specifically support any legislation or politicians, but we can comment and educate the public on topics related to our area of expertise. If you think climate change is an existential threat and want to be part of the #FridaysForFuture or global #ClimateStrike, you can find more information at the following websites:

Fridays For Future has a map of events.

Global Climate Strike has resources for activists and event registration.

Youth Climate Strike has a map for US organizers and other resources.

And if you haven’t seen Greta Thurnberg’s TEDx talk, it is worth 11 minutes:

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