Backyard Coal Plant — New DIY Project

Cooksville, Wisc.
April 1, 2021

We’re excited to announce our next project. This summer, we’ll be building a coal-fired power plant in our back yard. Unlike wind and solar, which will only last until the sun explodes in 4.5 billion years, our coal plant will be produce power as long as we can shovel coal into the hopper. Also unlike solar and wind, this plant will churn out electrons day and night, along with smog, carcinogens, particulate matter, and of course, carbon dioxide to help combat polar vortexes. With this DIY project the institute will become energy self-sufficient — as long as we can fine local, artisan, hand-dug coal.

This completely real Wyoming coal-fired homestead inspired our idea.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll walk through the process of planning the build, from choosing the right size backyard coal plant to zoning issues and dealing with jealous neighbors. After that we’ll be putting out how-to videos showing the whole build, from the foundation to the smoke stacks. Later this summer we’ll host a start-up event, inviting our whole community to visit as we inaugurate this little wonder.

Finally, coal can now compete with DIY hot water and PV solar systems that others have been installing safely for years.

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