Interested in Landscaping, Food Systems, and Land Management that Mimics Natural Systems? — Sign up for a Permaculture Design Certificate Course from Madison Area Permaculture Guild

Our friends over at the Madison Area Permaculture Guild are offering a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, starting in June. If you read our blog and haven’t heard of permaculture, you should definitely have a look at this wide-ranging discipline that integrates agriculture, land management, animal husbandry, and other allied fields with an eye to mimicking natural ecosystems. The permaculture answer to slugs, for example, is not slug repellent or expensive copper strips, but building cairns and infrastructure to encourage garter snakes to come and eat the slugs.

Before COVID, a PDC was a series of in-person classes on a fixed schedule. Due to the flexibility of our new, video-conference-enabled lives, the PDC schedule has been adapted. The first few classes will meet via Zoom and then over time, the rest of the requirements will be collected on your schedule, by attending different classes and earning badges.

If you’re interested in learning more, head over to

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