Low Tech Podcast, No. 43 — Don’t Look Up or Worry About Climate Change

Low Tech Podcast, No. 4325 Feb 2022

Don’t Look Up or Worry About Climate Change

In this episode we discuss the movie Don’t Look Up, why we can’t worry about climate change, and the mission of the institute.

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Songs are:
Coffee Shop” off of Sweet and Joyful by Crowander (CC-BY-NC)
Dream Sequence” off of Retina by Monolog Rockstars (CC-BY-NC-SA)

Sound Effects (all CC license):
Snowstorm: 210523_1598_FR_StrongWind
Bubble: Bubbles 002
Roller Coaster: Roller Coaster Screams A
Furnace: 20061105Furnace
Alarm Clock: Alarm Clock Short
Boiling Water: Steam Kettle Boiling and Whistling
Gas Stove: Gas-Stove
Cooking: Cooking_02
Driving: Drive By Van

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