“Low Technology Institute works to solve problems without chemicals” — Wisconsin State Journal — Institute in the News

A few weeks ago, Scott Johnson, director of the institute, chatted with Gena Kittner with the Wisconsin State Journal. The result was a Sunday feature article that you can read on the WSJ website: https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/low-technology-institute-works-to-solve-problems-without-chemicals/article_b80d64dd-e186-58b8-bcfd-daa9c5ae26a1.html Both the cover photo and the above photo are copyrighted material from the Wisconsin State Journal, John Hart, photographer.

Bee-Breeding Project: Information for our Fellow Beekeepers

We are carrying out a multiyear bee-breeding project as part of an effort to reduce the need for mite treatments in honeybee colonies. This short post is specifically directed towards our fellow beekeepers. We hope to 1) give you a summary of the study we’re carrying out and 2) tell you about the precautions we’re … More Bee-Breeding Project: Information for our Fellow Beekeepers

Homemade Plant Fertilizer: Urine + Ashes

Nitrogen is the biggest bottleneck in post-fossil-fuel food production. Before the advent of the Haber-Bosch process, which compresses atmospheric nitrogen (N2) and hydrogen (H2) into ammonia fertilizer (NH3), nitrogen was harvested everywhere it could be found, from remote islands covered in bird droppings (even leading to a war) to domestic dung heaps. Surprisingly enough, the … More Homemade Plant Fertilizer: Urine + Ashes